You may have been thinking about launching a home care business for years, you prepared your business plan and marketing strategy…but a global pandemic hit. Would you be crazy to launch the business right now?

According to Sabri Suby, Founder, King Kong Digital Marketing Agency, instead of shrinking in fear, invest in your time and your mindset. Leaders are created in challenging times. That time is now! If you have  passion for home care, step up, get out there, and make it happen.

Uber, Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack and Lyft were all formed during or around the Global Financial Crisis and were able to take advantage of reduced competition, cheaper office space and partners more open to signing a quick deal. Amazon’s sales grew by 28 per cent between 2007-2009, thanks to the launch of the Kindle in 2007.

They were all smart enough to see the advantage in the crisis and made the right moves at the right time. It’s not about taking advantage of anyone, it’s about taking a negative situation and making it work for you.

One critical piece of advice for launching a business during a pandemic, is to come back to the idea of turning a “nice to have” offering into a “must-have”. Home care is an essential service!

It all boils down to whether a person is selling candy, vitamins or painkillers. Candy is nice-to-have but doesn’t solve a burning problem. Vitamins generally have a positive impact over time, but they’re not “urgently needed”. Painkillers offer an immediate solution to a critically important and pressing problem that needs to be alleviated immediately. In times like these, you don’t want to position your business as anything other than a painkiller – solving a problem.

Despite what the news might want you to think, now is not the time to act. It’s not the time to sit back, hoping and praying that this thing is going to blow over soon. Whether there’s a pandemic or not, that problem of how to get customers using your services still exists. The only thing that will change is the way you frame the problem.